How to Watch Jio Tv on Pc without Bluestacks

The official jio tv app is designed for smartphones and it didn’t support laptops or pc. We can make it work using different emulators but how we can jio tv on pc without Bluestacks? Well, there are a few more applications and methods that are available to easily run the Jio Tv application on the computer.

Technology is on the verge of major developments that no one can predict. The IT industry’s growth has resulted in constant advancements in the refinement and development of various apps and software. Similarly, in the continuing age of automation, my jio application for pc is unique.

My JIO makes it simple to manage your JIO passwords, even those of your friends and family members. It offers several features that make life more convenient for you.

In the same pattern, Jio TV for PC is the software that allows you to view live streams on your computer, laptop, or cell phone via the internet. Because of its amazing features and bundles, the Jio network is now used by millions of smartphone customers. Jio TV is accessible for free to Jio customers.

How to watch Jio TV for PC without Bluestacks:

Whenever we wish to download any Android application on a Laptop or Pc, we normally utilize Bluestacks. The best choice is Bluestacks, but it takes up more space on the machine but has other drawbacks.

As a result, we will have to find another way to view Jio TV on pc without bluestacks. This article will show you how to watch Jio TV on your PC without Bluestacks.

If you’re looking for a way to stream Jio TV on your PC without using Bluestacks, you’ve come to the right spot. This article will show you how to stream Jio TV Streaming on your PC without Bluestacks. Read the entire article to learn further pertinent to Jio TV for PC.

Jio TV is among Jio’s most impressive features, allowing users to view TV channels for free at any time and from any location. If you have a Jio SIM, JioFi, or any other Jio device, you can easily download and utilize Jio TV on the equipment.

Use the Chrome Extension to watch Jio TV on the PC:

If you would not want to download any third-party software, such as Bluestacks, to watch Jio TV on the PC, you can use a chrome extension instead. This allows users to watch Jio TV right in their browser. However, it is only compatible with Google Chrome. I’m hoping that Google Chrome is installed on practically every computer.

 If you do not even already have it, go to and hit the ‘Install Chrome’ link on any internet browser. It will get the Google Chrome setup file. Then, to run Chrome on the PC, launch the downloaded file. Now, let’s look at how to use the Chrome Extension to watch Jio TV on pc without bluestacks.

Below, we have discussed the steps guide for installation purposes. These are the brief and precise details, and you can take guidance from them in a substantial manner.

Steps Guide to Install Jio TV on PC

  1. To begin, open Chrome Browser on the computer. You must now deploy the ARC Welder plugin to your Chrome browser. This will, in actual initiate the process of installation
  2. To install the plugin, input ARC Welder into the search field and select the appropriate choice from the findings.
  3. Select the ‘Add to Site’ button to download ARC Welder on Chrome.
  4. After installing the enhanced version in Chrome, the ARC Welder logo will appear in the browser’s bookmarks bar.
  5. Even though ARC Welder won’t let you download apps from the Google Playstore, you’ll need to install the Jio TV APK file. You can get the Jio TV APK file from either of these sources.
  6. After downloading the APK file, tap on the ARC Welder icon. On the PC, you will see a phone screen.
  7. To install software, you must first load an APK file. Select the Jio TV APK file you just downloaded.
  8. Select the folder wherever you want the Jio TV application’s data to be saved and wait for the download to finish.
  9. Once the setup is finished, you can use your PC to watch Jio TV. Make the following adjustments to the options for a better presentation:
    • Change the direction to the landscape.
    • Enable copy access.
    • Adjust the Form Factor to Full resolution.
  10. Once you’ve made these modifications to the options, hit the push button. It will launch the Jio TV application. A login screen will show once it has loaded. Your Jio ID and passcode must be entered.
  11. A one-time passcode will be sent to the registered number by Jio. Enter the OTP you obtained to watch live TV on the PC for free.

The above-mentioned phases will guide you about which tool is needed and support configuration. Make your process followed by every step as mentioned in the above details. It will make the installation of jio tv on the pc.


Without Bluestacks, how could I watch JioTV on the PC?

Using the NOX player, install the JioTV implementation: Nox app player is yet another Emulator that allows you to run any Android app on the computer.
The current version of the NOX player can be downloaded from the official website. The most recent version of NOX Player is compatible with all PC Windows versions, including Windows 10, 8, and 7.

Final Words

Anyone can use any browser to sign in and watch their favorite TV channels without downloading any extensions or third-party applications.

We’ve shown you the finest ways to watch Jio TV on your PC without having to use Bluestacks. Aside from these techniques, you may also watch live Stream on the PC by going to Jio TV’s official site.

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